Please call us anytime from 6am - 10pm. ( 07 5445 7751).   Alternatively email anytime.

We are both fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home in the near future. 

Originally from Sydney and UK, we have been married for 30 years.

We have had interesting and varied career paths and now have the opportunity to live our dream of managing our own accommodation.

Phil owned a packaging company in Sydney for 20 years, has worked as a Tour Guide for Kingfisher Bay Resort and has been employed as a project manager for a commercial builder. His keen interest is riding his motorbike and sharing the joy of the local area with visitors. 

Rachel initially came to Australia to participate in Operation Raleigh. She has enjoyed 10 years early childhood teaching, had minor roles in TV & Commercials, has been a presenter for BBC radio, a programmer and instructor for Unisys. Rachel has also enjoyed acting in the local amateur theatre in Nambour.

Together we have 4 children and both volunteer in our local community. We are involved with Nambour SES, Kureelpa & Mapleton Rural Fire Brigade, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and hold a licence to care for orphaned and injured wildlife.


Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife costs us thousands of dollars every year. As we receive very little external financial support for this, for $15 we offer an approximately 30 minute tour of our animal care areas where guests who are interested in learning about wildlife get the chance to ask questions and may even get hands on with feeding the animals. All proceeds will be used to assist in the rescue and care of injured or orphaned native wildlife.

The welfare of the animals is our number one priority so please follow any directions provided to you, do not attempt to pick up the animals and entry will be refused to intoxicated guests.

Tours are limited to a maximum of 4 persons.

It is a recommended that guests were long pants and covered footwear.