Mapleton Springs is following Queensland Tourism And Hospitality Covid-Safe: Business Principles May 2020

This acknowledges that the risk is never zero. It is acknowledged by all parties to this proposal that in the context of pandemic management prior to eradication, that there is an ever-present risk of infection in the community. This proposal, and recommended actions, is drafted in the context of mitigating known risks while facilitating a return to ‘normal’ business practices as quickly and safely as practicable.

The Australian Government advises that the following people are most ‘at risk’: ~ aged over 70 ~ aged over 65 with a material medical condition ~ Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged over 50 with a material medical condition ~ people with material medical conditions ~ people who are immunocompromised

At Mapleton Springs we are following the recommended four key criteria for a safe return to business: 


1.     Promote and facilitate prescreening to prevent potentially infected staff and customers from attending.

Prescreening for guest health will be via email prior to arrival and on completion of check in forms.


2.        Alter business practices where relevant to ensure social distancing in line with government health guidelines.

Guest payments are made in advance.
Check in will be completed in the office maintaining 1.5 m distance and within 15 minute time constraints.
Appropriate signage in shared facilities will remind guests of social distancing requirements.
Guests have the option of having breakfast delivered to their room. 
The guest lounge/breakfast room is 50m2. This is twice the minimum size required by government regulations.
Guests will be asked to select a time slot for breakfast with 30 minute intervals as an additional COVID -19 precaution.


3.     Enhance cleaning and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection.

Appropriate signage will remind guests of COVID-19 hygiene practices. 
Frequently touched surfaces- door handles, tabletops, light switches are cleaned frequently using a detergent solution (as per manufacturer’s instructions).
Minimally touched surfaces - floors, ceilings, walls - damp mopping is preferable to dry mopping. Walls and blinds will be be cleaned when visibly dusty or soiled. Sinks and basins will be cleaned on a regular basis.


4.     Establish and maintain Covid-safe procedures aligned to Work Safe Queensland guidelines.

The staff at Mapleton Springs have undertaken mandatory COVID-19 training and have agreed to the COVID-19 safety procedures.
The staff at Mapleton Springs have COVIDSafe mobile application on their personal devices.

Gloves will be worm for heavily soiled cleaning or handling of contaminated items.
The staff at Mapleton Springs have received the influenza vaccine. If staff at Mapleton Springs display any symptoms of COVID-19, the business will be closed immediately.