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Mapleton falls lookout
 Mapleton Falls National Park
Next to the carpark, this wheelchair-accessible lookout provides spectacular views over the Obi Obi valley and the rainforest canopy below. Look for Australian peregrine falcons, which often soar and roost near Mapleton Falls’ cliff edges during August and September.
Picnic Area
Toilets, including a wheelchair accessible toilet, are provided beside the carpark. A short walk from the carpark leads to an open, grassy picnic area with picnic tables.
Wompoo circuit
 Mapleton Falls National Park - Wompoo Circuit
Distance: 1.3km return  Time: allow 45mins

 This circuit track winds through rainforest and eucalypt forest. Wayside signs offer information about features. The Peregrine lookout provides good views of Mapleton Falls and the Obi Obi Valley. Listen for the wompoo fruit-dove calling from its treetop feedings sites with a booming 'wallock-a-woo' and 'book-a-roo'.
picnic creek
Kondalilla National Park Picnic Creek circuit
Distance: 1.7km Time: allow 30 mins
Details: this easy walk crosses Picnic Creek (400m) and passes through tall eucalypt forest with patches of wet sclerophyll forest—a mix of eucalypt and rainforest species. Enjoy views over the valley from a lookout point.
A short walk for those who are looking for connection in nature but not the time.
This is super popular and the car park can fill up so plan ahead. This has a lovely picnic area, highly recommend planning some time to chill to take it all in.

Kondalilla Falls circuit
Distance: 4.7km Time: allow 2-3hrs
Details: follow the Picnic Creek circuit down the escarpment, past rock pools and a lookout with views of Kondalilla Falls. Walk through rainforest to the base of the waterfall and continue back up the ridge. Look for emergent bunya pines with their distinctive symmetrical dome shapes, dense stands of piccabeen palms and intriguing shapes of pink ash, Alphitonia petriei. A short walk for those who are looking for connection in nature but not the time. 
This is super popular and the car park can fill up so plan ahead.
Narrows Lookout
Distance: 2.2km Time: allow 1hr
Details: access via the Narrows Road car park. Follow the Great Walk beside palm lined creeks to the Narrows lookout. Enjoy views over the Narrows Gorge.
Barron Lookout
Baroon Lookout
Distance: 4.4km Time: allow 2hrs
Details: access via the Narrows Road car park. Walk through vine filled gullies and tall open forest to the Baroon lookout. The lookout offers views over Obi Obi Gorge, Baroon Pocket Dam and its catchment.
gardeners falls rope swing

Gardners Falls is a hidden gem in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Leave your vehicle in the car park on the banks of the Obi Obi Creek and take a short, level walk downstream to the falls.

You’ll pass a number of shallow rock pools which are ideal for smaller children who just want to splash about. Follow the bubbling waters downstream where the pools increase in size and enjoy a freshwater swim in the largest pool underneath the falls.

These delightful waters are bounded by a grassy bank and backed by native forest making it the ideal spot for a hinterland picnic or a post-swim snooze under a giant water gum.
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